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PAYERAS ARCH & TECH, represented by Engineer Mariana Canto, was present at the BIM FORUM BRAZIL held on May 22nd and 23rd, 2023.

Below are some notes on relevant topics:

Public Sector:

  • Major victories that inspire the entire ecosystem, such as the resumption of the BIM BR strategy by the current government;

  • Inclusion in the bidding law that mandates "preferably" all projects to be developed in BIM (if not preferred, justification is required for not doing so);


  • Collaboration between the federal and state governments needed to train municipalities;

  • The TCU (Federal Court of Audits) is also working to train itself to both supervise and educate municipalities;

  • Construction companies are urging their suppliers to join the implementation process as they cannot find adequately skilled suppliers in the market;

  • Ensuring that competence is transferred from skilled individuals to the company and does not solely reside with them; information management;


  • Mature construction companies acknowledge that implementation took 5-7 years and is still not 100% across all their sectors, meaning it's not quick! Understand that it's a process;

  • MPD Engenharia reported that BIM on the site only worked after model access and training were disseminated to the site foremen and not just the engineers;

Cultural Barrier:

  • To adopt BIM, it's necessary to change the process, the project development flow. The phases we know must become obsolete; documentation needs to occur only at the end of the process;

Open BIM:

  • The Open CDE creation was presented. The communication protocol promises to enable conversation among various CDEs directly with software, removing barriers and the need for downloads, working in real-time. It depends on developers' implementation;

  • BCF 3.0 format is now available allowing more than one image per issue, but software hasn't yet implemented/adopted the format;

  • The creation of the Brazilian chapter of Building Smart was announced to promote the use of Open BIM, create material in Portuguese, and translate our standards into IDS language;

BIM Contracting Guide:

  • The BIM Contracting Guide has been launched. You can download it directly from the BIM Fórum website;

  • If BIM is collaboration, how do we translate collaboration into contractual clauses? How do we handle intellectual property?

  • BIM implementation cannot forever be a 1:1 consultancy model because it's unfeasible in the long term. We need standards that can be adopted by municipalities, small companies without the effort required currently;

Live Project:

  • The project is a concept/database at the center of everything, encompassing all phases from Feasibility Studies to post-operation. BIM that is only used in design is BIM that dies;

  • Use this data to train AI to provide continuous improvement insights. A massive data lake;

  • We have the technology (1061 tech + construction startups in Brazil), we need to learn how to connect them and maintain continuity.


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