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PAYERAS ARCH & TECH, in partnership with ENGEFORM Engineering, developed the virtual pre-construction of the expansion and renovation project for the Miguel Soeiro Hospital, owned by Unimed Sorocaba-SP. This work allowed us to identify possible interferences and necessary adjustments to the project even before starting the construction.

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We believe that the digitalization of engineering and construction is an irreversible path. Therefore, we are committed to using available technologies to deliver high-quality services and contribute to improving the construction sector.

The virtual pre-construction of the hospital is a concrete example of how the use of digital processes and tools, such as BIM, supported by the platforms CONSTRUFLOW, CONSTRUCODE, and CONSTRUCT-IN, can bring lots of benefits to the development and management of the information in complex construction projects.

In addition to the modeling and coordination service, PAYERAS ARCH & TECH is responsible for the As-Built project made in BIM, updating the model using remote inspections and installer registration.

We are excited about the potential of these technologies and continue to search for new solutions that can further improve the efficiency and quality of projects and construction.


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